You see your favorite artists above the stage or in your televisions as you unwind at the end of the day. You see them in the limelight, surrounded by the glitz and glamor, and trying to integrate into themselves a role that can provide entertainment to the general public. Have you ever wondered what lies beyond this perfect persona you see on the top of the pedestal? Have you ever felt curious about it? If you have, then it is our pleasure to let you have a glimpse behind the lives of some comedians who are favorites in the entertainment industry. If you are familiar about Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, D. L. Hughley, George Lopez, and Charlie Murphy, and they are also among your favorites, then definitely, you’d love checking out the comedy series – The Comedy Get Down. Here you can have a front row seats on real-life happenings in the lives of the above-mentioned icons. It is based on their Comedy Get Down arena tour. But if you think that is the highlight of this series, you are never more wrong. The highlight comes from what is not usually seen by the general public – those actual events behind the scenes. Get ready to enjoy more because definitely, what is shown in this series is way better than what has been happening on stage.

Get ready to know more about the on-screen personalities and their real relationship between the scenes. Get ready to be updated because this series is indeed full of a lot of surprises. This is not at all scripted and based only on the real thing that is recorded for the people to watch.  Watch these public personalities steer throughout different challenges that come their way. Watch them overcome what many of us individuals have to go through in our daily lives – racial discrimination in places they travel to, dangerous event venues, angry mobs and fans, demanding job, responsibilities, and so much more.

At this website, you are not going to be able to watch the series here. However, we open this for fans to flock into whenever they want to know more about the episodes. You can discuss it here without going out of your garage door in Kansas City with others who are fans too. Learn about things you even never heard of before. Be privy on the behind closed doors secrets other fans know about and be the first one to score tickets on the meet and greet coming up to your area. Perhaps, one of the hardest things about being a fan is not knowing or getting lost in the vast amount of information available online. Here at The Comedy Get Down website, that will definitely not happen to you. We publish only on this website the most up to date issues and discussions on site. All of the information uploaded here is legitimate. So you need not worry about being fed of the wrong information. If you like to get the latest information straight to your emails, just sign up to our newsletter.